Selfie im Bau in Bronze

performative intervention/meditation and video-work

documentation of intervention as video-work 2021 © Dorothea Rust for phKultur Campus Muttenz

Announcement on the phKultur FHNW website:
The performer Dorothea Rust was on the move at the Muttenz campus in mid-April to investigate the building's structural and spatial features as a fictitious figure - not unlike an avatar.
She moved slowly and reservedly, along walls, over stairs and furniture, sometimes speaking, sometimes in silence. She was accompanied on her way by a team that filmed her from several perspectives using an iPhone camera. The footage was edited into a visual-acoustic meditation, a physical reflection on the construction in bronze.

film length: 16:45 min.

Film intervention in collaboration with Hili Leimgruber (Petit Grégoire Videolabor) and Sascha Willenbacher and Katrin Jaberg (lecturer and student at the University of Education FHNW).