L'animoteur 7

mujeres Y burros Y plantas Y arboles Y plastico Y pimenton Y cactus Y vocabulario Y termino Y lenguaje Y palabra Y non-tango Y esta lana se llama lana de llama

L'animoteur 7

performance in the context of URRA-Residency-Projekt ‚Doce en diciembre’
in the garden of  PROA21 (exhibition space), La Boca – Caba, Buenos Aires, Argentinien

concept/performance Dorothea Rust and in collaboration with Barbara Nägelin (sound-music-medely and body marking)

unspun llama wool, directly from a farmer from the north in Argentina / short trousers / shoes with leopard skin imitation / approx. 30 panels → with pictures from a research trip in the north of Argentina: half wild donkeys, cacti and plastic, portraits of women from different eras (from two artists*photobooks), texts of two interview partners* (Angelica from Susques and Luiz Venavides from Pastos Chicos) whom I interviewed about the status of the donkey in their area → pictures of Buenos Aires: graffiti during the G20 and mural work in metro-station with portraits of women from old newspaper reports

body-marking  in collaboration with Barbara Nägelin: Y-marks
sound-music-medley  in collaboration with Barbara Nägelin: Stadtgeräusche von Dorothea Rust (Musik an Demonstration), Rap-Musik von Sara Hebe (‚La Noche Ft Mi$$IL’), von Ruby Ibarra (‚Game Up’), von Kt Gorique (‚pa la peine’), von  Keny Arkana (‚Fille du Vent’) und traditionelles Liedgut (‚Chicha Roja’), interpretiert von La Yegros
length approx. 25—30 min.

in the scope of URRA residency projekt ‚Doce en diciembre' and

‚Stroh zu Gold’ by Andrea Saemann and URRA/Melina Berkenwald

in the garden of  PROA21 (exhibition space), La Boca – Caba, Buenos Aires Argentinien
15 December 2018

artists* 12 artists* from Argentina, Brasil, Peru and Switzerland: Andrea Saemann (CH), Barbara Nägelin (CH), Belén Romero Gunset (ARG), Chris Regn (CH), Dorothea Rust (CH), Elena Tejada Herrera (PER), Gisela Hochuli (CH), Jazmín Saidman (ARG), Luján Funes (ARG), Maja Lascano (ARG), Monika Dillier (CH), Paola Junqueira (BRA)
organized/curated by Andrea Saemann and URRA/Melina Berkenwald