intervention 2

note by the curators

Art as a difficult place / Art from a difficult position

«The first edition of Srinagar Biennale Basel is focused mainly on Performance Arts. Four Swiss and four Indian Performance Artists present collaborative works developed during an intense residency period from 6—12 April. They also explore the curatoria them 'Art as a difficult place / Art from a difficult position» through some solo Performances.

The exhibiton that mainly consists of multimedia works also revolves around the central curatorial theme. The exhibition is layered with contexts. Each visitor can experience it in its own way and create a unique experience for oneself. The installation for Video calls allows rthe visitors to call some of the exhibitng artists, who are not in Basel but have a possibility ot connect with us through the internet.»

Janine Schmutz & Parvez Imam

program with performances, panels and discussions, 'video-calls' with artists*, which are in India/Kashmir and elswhere and couldn't come to Basel

Do, 12 April 2018

19:00 h opening
introductury speech – Bruno Steiner (board member, Ausstellungsraum (exhibition space) Klingental introduction- Janine Schmutz, Parvez Imam (Kuratoren, Srinagar Biennale Basel)
19:30 h a tribute to Rumana Hussain - Martina Siegwolf
20:00 h discussion: Multiple hues: Cultural influences and Performance Art Panel: Maricruz Penaloza, Kadiatou Diallo, Anupam Saikia, Sajan Mani, Lilian Frei. Moderation: Andrea Saemann

Fr, 13 April 2018

exhitibion open from 15 h
18:30 h video call with artists* (Mujtaba Rizvi)
19:00 h performance - Pascal Lampert (20 min)
19:30 h performance - Anupam Saikia (30 min)
20:00 h performance - Lilian Frei and Manmeet (30 min)

Sa, 14 April 2018

exhitibion open from 12 h
14:00 h discussion: Dynamics of the Form: Locating Performance in Contemporary Arts Panel: Katrin Grögel, Irene Maag, Pascal Lampert, Manmeet. Moderation: Sabine Gebhardt Fink
16:00 h video with artist* (Waseem Mushtaq Wani)
17:00 h performance - Lilian Frei (20 min)
18:00 h performance - Manmeet (20 min)
18:30 h video call with artist* (Sajad Hamdani)
19:30 h performance - Dorothea Rust, Pascal Lampert, Anupam Saikia (1 hr)
20:30 h performance - Inder Salim (1 hr)

Sa, 15 April 2018

exhitibion open from 12 h
12:00 h collaborative performance exploration - Anupam Saikia and others (1hr +)
14:00 h discussion: Challenges and possibilities: from then till now and the road ahead Panel: Muda Mathis, Inder Salim, Dorothea Rust. Moderation: Parvez Imam
16:00 h video call with artist (Sophia Tabatadze)
16:30 h performance - Irene Maag, Anupam Saikia, Manmeet, Lilian Frei (20 min)
16:45 h performance - Sajan Mani (durational)
18.45 h performance - Inder Salim, Pascal

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