Alphabet of Encounter

rap or song?

Alphabet of Encounter

performance at project- and exhibition space Kaskadenkondensator Basel
Kunst der Begegnung VII — The Art of Encountering VII

concept Dorothea Rust 

red T-shirt with lettering in Tamil language / red men's shoes with metal reinforcements at the tips of the soles and at the heels / bathroom scale / self-adhesive labels / black markers / small billboards with wooden hand holders / feathers / recycling package material / wallpaper roll / make-up palette / red umbrella / Rap-Song 'Wassup' by Swiss-rapper KT GORIQUE

length approx. 20 min.

Kunst der Begegnung VII / The Art of Encountering VII

at Kaskadenkondensator Basel

6 October 2018

Participating artists*:

Watan Wuma (TW) / YehTzu-Chi (TW) / Ting Liping (TW) / Maruyama Tokio (JP) / Jeremy Hiah (SG) / Chakkrit Chimnok (TH) und Pattree Chimnok (TH) / Simone Etter (CH) / Jasmin Glaab (CH) / Gregory Hari (CH) / Sibylle Hauert (CH) / Gisela Hochuli (CH) / Dawn Nilo (CH) / Dorothea Rust (CH) / Marianne Papst (CH) / Joëlle Valterio (CH) / PAErsche

curated/organised Simone Etter, Gisela Hochuli, Marianne Papst