Concert Performance 1

Concert Performance 1

performance sound improvisation in collaboration wtih Malcolm Goldstein
Zweit Tage Zeit, Festival für improvisierte Musik (festival for improvised music), co-production of Musikpodium of the city of Zurich, IGNM Zurich and Werkstatt für improvisierte Musik WIM

concept/performance Dorothea Rust with Malcolm Goldstein (USA/CA)
performance Dorothea Rust: performance dance movement
Malcolm Goldstein: violin and voice
material 1 tree-branch / white A4-paper with text
length approx. 50–60 min.


Theater Rigiblick Zürich
Zwei Tage Zeit 
Haral Kimmig (DE) violin and Carl Ludwig Hübsch (DE) tuba

Lê Quan Ninh (FR) percussion

Aleksander Kolkowski  (GB) div. Violins and turntables

Isabelle Duthoit (CH) clarinet / voice and
Jacques Demierre (CH) piano

Markus Eichenberger (CH) clarinet

Fred Frith (GB) guitar and Peter Mettler (CH) film
18/19 January 2008


Peter K. Frey (WIM), Valentin Marti (IGNM), Daniel Studer (Idee), Alfred Zimmerlin (Musikpodium)