Leisure Artist

hNC — agency of the new comtemporay

Leisure Artist

action by Dorothea Rust in the scope of the launching and opening of 'Opening-Gala' von hNC — agency for the new contemporary

concept/action Dorothea Rust 

'homemade' sash made of wallpaper material as worn by the beauty queens, inscribed with the name 'LEISURE ARTIST' / song: "All my love" (1963) by the Beatles


Presence during the whole gala, short intervention of 10 seconds with Beatles song and 10 minutes auction to sell the 'LEISURE-ARTIST sash


hNC — agency for the new contemporary Opening Gala, Impact Hub, 8005 Zürich 
18 June 2016 

intervention at the Gala by:
Ali Al-Fatlawil & Wathiq Al-Ameri, Nicole Bachmann, Anja Braun, Monica Germann, Gregory Hari, Ingrid Käser, Nils Amadeus Lange, Marc Mouci, Mathias Ringgenberg, Diana Rojas, Oliver Roth, Dorothea Rust, Sarina Scheidegger & Ariane Koch, Vreni Spieser, Veli&Amos 

curated by

hNC — agency for the new contemporary: Martin Schick, Agustina Strüngmann, Marisa König Beatty