Dorothea Rust – Re-enactment – Vergleich zwischen Audioaufzeichnung und zwei Bilderreihen

by Irene Müller

case study of performance «Re-enactment», published on www.archiv performative, May 2012, p. 33—38

title roughly translated:
Dorothea Rust - Re-enactment - comparison/difference between audio recording and two image series

«... For a closer examination, the available artifact types were used to create an audio recording ... on the one hand, and two photographic image series ... were selected. Their media-inherent characteristics and the associated different processes of perception and reception suggest a focus on their respective qualities and their - for the understanding of the performance central - general message content. Because of this focus, I will refrain from analyzing individual photographs and instead consider the two series of pictures as independent volumes ...".

archiv performativ: On the transmission of performance art