Alles wird gut 47° 9' / 8° 32' – Video Stills on Canvas

by Dorothea Rust

published in Unwrapping Swiss Culture, Spring – A Journal of Archetype & Culture, Vol. 86, Fall 2011,
ISBN 978-1-935528-20-3, S. 157–164


This text is the result of a ping-pong of questions and answers between Stacy Wirth and Dorothea Rust. Stacy between 1980s and the late 1990s a dance performance artist, co-founder of Seefeld Tanzprojekt, an art space for dance performance (1983–1998) is today working as a psychoanalyst. She interviewed Dorothea for an article in the ‹Jungian Journal›, mainly about her approach to performative actions for an art-on-architecture work for the Cantonal Hospital in Zug with 69 videostills printed in different sizes on canvases. English Translation Stacy Wirth.

«Alles wird gut» translates in English to, everything's gonna be alright. This re-assuring idea belongs not only to the titel of the essay you are reading now. It is as well the message I received in nearly thirty languages – from Serbo-Coratish to Urdu – when a certain hospital staff agreed to formulate for me their strongest common wish, and to express this wish in their native languages. This particular staff is employed in a hopsital in the green industrial outskirts of the city of Zug, and this particular hopsital is new. The glass and steel structure arises form the earth as a glistening symbol of high-tech medicine, on first glance seeming to starkly oppose the encircling sky, fields and meadows. Yet like a great mirror, the buildings reflects and thus incorporates surrounding nature into its own façade. And its enormous windows, viewed from inside, are like wide gateways to the outdoors. As I wandered the sun-drenched corridors a particular set of windows led my gaze and imagination to a grassy green hill arising at the compass point, 47° 9' / 8° 32' ...»

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