Letten Venus


Letten Venus

Performance by Dorothea Rust with the contribution of Andreas Storm 
Wachgeküsst — art walks with six interventions and performance in Kreis 5 in Zurich

Performance Dorothea Rust with Andreas Storm

1 (male) bathrobe / ink body painting / image and text panels about the Letten history of Zurich's drug politics and the meaning/concpet of Venus / images of prehistoric and antique Venus figurines / Song improvised after Lady Gaga «Venus» 2013

Duration  approx. 20—30 min.

Wachgeküsst — art walks with six interventions and performances in the Letten-Platzspitz area in Zurich

Artists involved: Katja Brunner, Zeljka Marusic, Gerhard Meister & Herwig Ursin, Noyau (Yves Nussbaum), Christoph Schreiber, Dorothea Rust, Andreas Storm (moderation)

10 + 11 June 2017

Organized/Curated by

Priska Senn, Barbara Tänzler, Sabina Horber